Wednesday, December 17, 2008

gluten, dairy & more!

Now that I'm starting to narrow down what's been ailing me, thanks to my super new nutritionist, I've begun to find my way back to feeling better. Seems what's been doing me the most damage is an allergy/intolerance/sensitivity to gluten, dairy (casein to be exact) and peanuts (off all things).

I feel so grateful to have some answers & no longer randomly shooting in the dark. I know these to be THE answers because as I've been eliminating and reorganizing my diet, I have seen the improvements in my energy, mental clarity, emotional stability, chronic pain, digestive discomforts, and sleep quality. It's not to say that I'm cured or even 100% better--it's a learning curve & darn if I don't push the boundaries to see just how close I can get to the line before feeling like crap again. But I'm learning...slowly but surely...what works & what doesn't.

I will use this arena to hone my gluten-free, casein-free, peanut-free dietary skills, share the information I've learned, as well as engage in the online community of other folks navigating the sometimes frustrating waters of dietary challenges.