Wednesday, June 30, 2010

ooops, I did it again

Signed up for another extreme e-coursing 2010 continues.

Big Picture Scrapbooking

Should be good though...get the creative juices flowing & whatnot...and it's for 12 whole weeks (gulp!). And shoot, I guess it will suffice as #8 on the list!


Sunday, June 27, 2010

finding my way

an original UK Kodak Duaflex sent to me by my
British BFF after finding in his parent's attic!

I feel I've gone abit astray with this blog....or lack of interaction with it...lately.

I've been focusing on feeling better, I suppose, which seems to be at the center of my creative journey at present, but it's not all that creative, I'm afraid to say.

I did visit a new doctor/clinic about a week+ back & have started a new protocol that I am very hopeful will slowly start to get me back to right again. I've seen some positive results so far, in just a week's time; however, I know it won't be a quick fix & hope in the next 1-3 months I will consider myself closer to 100%. Perhaps I'll write alittle more indepth about it as I embark on it further.

gorgeous weathered bench at Royer's in Round Top, TX

That said, even in this first week, I've already spent time on both weekends dipping back into artwork, which feels nice. But also frustrating! The ideas/inspiration are hiding from me, so all I've managed to accomplish thus far are the basics of preparing some boxes--gessoing my little heart out in hopes that as inspiration strikes, I will have "canvases" ready to go! Today will be a bit of re-org to get things alittle more creation-friendly. Although I'm sure as most artists will recognize, keeping a studio "clean" is an impossible endeavor.

I am currently taking Kelly Rae Robert's e-course, but I have to admit that as with many of my other e-course endeavors, I am not very "connected" to it. I am, however, printing out as I go along so that I will have it as a constant resource to consult offline and even after it's complete. I would like to sign up for Claudine Hellmuth's 12 week creative course as well, but I'm a bit gun shy given the disappointment (in myself) of the last several I've taken. It's calling to me, but they all do in the beginning. Yet, I suppose I've taken something away from each of them, even if not one in particular changed my life, so to speak.


Tuesday, June 8, 2010

list #4

UK, TX (along the roadside somewhere outside of Round Top, TX)

Okay, I wouldn't say I've been like super BUSY, but as I was recently feeling sorry for myself about my continued low energy keeping me from doing anything, I realized that I've in fact checked a couple of things off my 2010 goals list...including this, #4!

wise warrior (taken in Bastrop, TX)

I've been trying to get into my Polaroid 680 alittle more. It's not as groovy as an SX-70, but now that I'm learning how to use it a bit better, I'm finding it to be charming in its own right.

I took a trip out to a little town called Round Top--it's about 1/2 way between Houston (my current town) and Austin (my hometown). I can't believe it's taken me THIS long to go out there, but I went twice in a 10 day period! The first time I met a friend I hadn't seen in something like 25 years. I liked it so much (the drive through the country was really calming & inspiring), I decided to do my photo day trip (#4) out there again, taking my time this time to stop & take pictures...and to buy a ridiculously cool book to use for my (currently imaginary) art work.

chandelier (Royer, Round Top, TX)

Mind you, one of the first stops I made was to take a picture was of a groovy old, abandoned bowling alley sign in a town called Sealy. Notice how there is not a picture above of a bowling sign? As I stood there framing my shot, a guy pulls up in his pickup from seemingly nowhere (apparently he had been sitting in said pickup in the shadows around the side of the building) and freaks the crap out of me as he leered out of his window to ask me why I was taking pictures. I didn't feel like going into detail about my penchant for bowling, old signs, or Polaroids, so I just said "cause it's cool." He replied with "it's cool huh?" And then put it in reverse to return to his stalking, er I mean, parking spot.

By why is there is no bowling sign picture? Well I was out of freakin' film when I went to snap the picture just before he interrupted me & I wasn't about to spend any more time there to tear open a pack of film, get it loaded, get back out of my Jeep, and walk over to take the picture.

Oh well...just another excuse to go back out there to get THAT picture! It's gonna really gimme the heebie jeebies is that dude is there again the next time!


Monday, June 7, 2010

i'm around

Man, oh man, time is just flying by. I've had thoughts & ideas for blog posts running rampant, but as of yet, I have not sat down to write/coordinate a single one. Hopefully this week will be a bit more fruitful on that level.

I have noticed, in my seemingly missing-in-action (i.e. inaction) status as of late, that I've actually accomplished a few things on the list miraculously, so I must not be 100% inactive. I gleefully look forward to being able to share some of the ones I can now tick off that list. I do have some important ones to go still...but let's focus on the positive, shall we?! Also I've got an update on health stuff (sorta). But no real updates on art stuff (unfortunately).

More on all of the above (and some random pics) later this week...I hope!