Tuesday, June 8, 2010

list #4

UK, TX (along the roadside somewhere outside of Round Top, TX)

Okay, I wouldn't say I've been like super BUSY, but as I was recently feeling sorry for myself about my continued low energy keeping me from doing anything, I realized that I've in fact checked a couple of things off my 2010 goals list...including this, #4!

wise warrior (taken in Bastrop, TX)

I've been trying to get into my Polaroid 680 alittle more. It's not as groovy as an SX-70, but now that I'm learning how to use it a bit better, I'm finding it to be charming in its own right.

I took a trip out to a little town called Round Top--it's about 1/2 way between Houston (my current town) and Austin (my hometown). I can't believe it's taken me THIS long to go out there, but I went twice in a 10 day period! The first time I met a friend I hadn't seen in something like 25 years. I liked it so much (the drive through the country was really calming & inspiring), I decided to do my photo day trip (#4) out there again, taking my time this time to stop & take pictures...and to buy a ridiculously cool book to use for my (currently imaginary) art work.

chandelier (Royer, Round Top, TX)

Mind you, one of the first stops I made was to take a picture was of a groovy old, abandoned bowling alley sign in a town called Sealy. Notice how there is not a picture above of a bowling sign? As I stood there framing my shot, a guy pulls up in his pickup from seemingly nowhere (apparently he had been sitting in said pickup in the shadows around the side of the building) and freaks the crap out of me as he leered out of his window to ask me why I was taking pictures. I didn't feel like going into detail about my penchant for bowling, old signs, or Polaroids, so I just said "cause it's cool." He replied with "it's cool huh?" And then put it in reverse to return to his stalking, er I mean, parking spot.

By why is there is no bowling sign picture? Well I was out of freakin' film when I went to snap the picture just before he interrupted me & I wasn't about to spend any more time there to tear open a pack of film, get it loaded, get back out of my Jeep, and walk over to take the picture.

Oh well...just another excuse to go back out there to get THAT picture! It's gonna really gimme the heebie jeebies is that dude is there again the next time!



  1. Great pics, and great to see you back in action! Keep it up!

  2. Anything to report lately? New pics perhaps?? Do tell!

  3. Thanks for the encouragement Anonymous...care to reveal yourself?! :)

    Perhaps more to come...been a rough last couple of weeks.