Tuesday, May 21, 2013

new beginnings

While it's been in the works for months (well in all honesty, it's been in the works for years), but it's officially official...I'm finally making my way back to Austin!

I'm a month away from the move, a move I've been dreaming about off/on for the last 11 years that I've been living in Houston, and I'm finally getting a bit scared. The fear is manifesting itself in strange & not so strange ways. At first, when people would say "wow, that's so brave," and "that's such a huge change, I wouldn't have the balls to do it," I wasn't connecting to that because I've dreamt of this for so long, it's just always felt like the right thing. But now I'm starting to question myself...the fear is speaking louder than the dream at times & I don't like it. However, I understand fear is natural, so I'm choosing to dance with it...all the way to Austin.

Because I will not let the fear win or derail me or knock me back...again. I will keep moving forward, trusting that it's the right thing, at the right time, for the right reasons.

So here's how it's gonna shake down. I'm moving back to Austin for many reasons, but the two main reasons are:

1) I get to live out near Lake Austin in my own house on my father's property for less than I pay now, which means I can...

2) do my dog work full-time, training service dogs for veterans dealing with PTSD, traumatic brain injury (TBI), and/or military sexual assault (MSA) via the Train A Dog Save A Warrior Program, as well rustle up some of my own private clients if I feel like it.

I'm honored to be able to do work I feel passionate about! I'm also grateful that this means that I don't have to work at a desk job anymore (halleluiah); I will have a more versatile & flexible daily schedule; I can nurture my creativity (artwork, writing, dogs) and my other interests (gardening, hooping, yoga, cooking); and last but no doubt most importantly, heal my broken spirit & tired body. And along the way, I hope to chronicle it all here.

So here's to new beginnings...filled with hope, and wonder, and yes even some fear!


  1. I am so excited about this Katherine and so very, very happy for you. I know how much you longed to give up the desk job and to move back to Austin, so it's great it's happening.

    Mel (it says Melsa, because the options to leave a comment with are limited, so it uses my ancient google account!)

  2. Great news! And that is an AMAZING job! Veterans' service dogs fill me with awe.