Tuesday, August 17, 2010

august break: 8/18

a quick snap of my pooch Eadie on the porch

My brain is bustling & bursting with ideas, to-do's, to-consider's, to-research, and all other manner of thoughts related to my Plan B...the dog training endeavor. I haven't even started my studies yet (the materials should arrive later TODAY!!!), but already I am busting at the seams with thoughts & excitement about how to do this new thing...and do it well & with gusto!

Never before have I been SO excited about a career path...or anything for that matter. Never before have I not gotten in my own way with "yeah but's" & "nuh uh's" & other forms of gremlin activity...well except maybe when I was planning my wedding. That too was FUN! The constant barrage of ideas & brain churnings are exhilerating, not debilitating. I can't quit thinking about things like business names & logos & websites or even the unfun stuff of running a business like taxes and dba's and income and liability and health insurance.

I'm looking forward to cracking my books & working hard on my studies--that's the most important part afterall--but until I get those books, my head is twirling with possibilities and it feels oh so good.



  1. What a great head space to be in.

  2. You got that right Johanna. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. I know it's not fair to comment twice (once already on August Break), but wanted to thank you so much for dropping by - (the film Single Man was such a visual treat, wasn't it?) - and I'm thrilled it led me back here! (Plus, I didn't mind seeing this sweet photo again :)).