Saturday, January 1, 2011

2011...bring it on!


photo via BBC tv by the fabulous D.Wills, London, UK

I'm soooo ready for 2011. In addition to my word/intention for next year, I shall forge ahead with my list of t0-do's. I have to say, I'm pretty excited about this grouping!

1) 365 self-portrait challenge
2) read 1 book per month--or atleast with some regularity
3) monthly photo assignment
4) go to Germany to revisit my birthplace for my birthday
5) improve photography skills/knowledge
6) let go of unfulfilling relationships + nurture/create fulfilling ones
7) submit 3 short stories for publication
8) finish 2010 NaNoWriMo novel draft
9) stretch
10) get a sewing machine
11) make more mosaics
12) return to buying myself flowers
13) drink more whiskey
14) wear more hats
15) get a Pentax K1000
16) turn 40! gotta throw in an easy one
17) launch dog training business
18) open an Etsy shop
19) take 1 self-trip (out of state [CA] or country [UK])
20) let the glass be half full for a change

Maybe it's the veil of hope that a new year brings, but pretty much every single one of those is feeling TOTALLY doable to me right now. Mostly I'm just looking forward to seeing what transpires...I'm along for the ride this year! Hope your ride has nice scenery this year.



  1. Even if you only did half these things (I'm betting you do more) then what a year it will be! Thanks for the positive vibes and happy new year!

  2. For someone who's about to turn 40, you look fantastic. The pics in your last post were great!

  3. Ha Ha Anonymous #2...those pictures were taken about 8 years ago, so I was early 30's in those! :) I hope I look still fantastic 8 years later!

  4. I can totally picture you turning forty while drinking whiskey with a hat on :-)