Thursday, July 24, 2008


Well it's July 24th, 2008...which marks the 37th birthday in the life of me...and while I'm usually shouting the occassion from the beginning of the month clear through to the end of it, I haven't been as excited about this one.

It has nothing to do with the number attached to it...37 is fine, great in fact. More to do with not having been feeling well & can't really get too crazy this year, plus knowing my boyfriend won't be in town like last year (we went toobing & dare I say [don't get mad girlfriends & ex boyfriends] but this was probably THE best toobing trip, just ahead of the one with my girlfriend smoking cloves & my other girlfriend losing her shoe--you know who you are] because there was hardly anyone there, there had been so much rain that it was moving super fast & we got to go twice for the price of once and it was his very first time in a toob much less the Guadalupe!), and did I mention I just haven't been feeling very well.

But low & behold, the day came around & I decided to make it a happy one FOR MYSELF. It did help that my boyfriend didn't forget my birthday (which I was alittle nervous about to be honest since he's not feeling well himself just now & has been extremely busy & stressed out & is a million miles away), but beyond that, I decided to meet the happiness of the day head on, beginning with a yummy tex mex pollo scramble. I decided to wear my fab new lillybee's from SimplySoles (and built a cute little outfit around it) to dress the happy birthday girl part.

Once at work, I got some festive balloons from a sweet as pie coworker (oh and a $10 winning lottery ticket), a beautiful bouquet of purple & red flowers (my fave combo) from my sweets from far away, a personal chocolate bundt cake (which I can't eat, but it looks so pretty), anther beautiful bouquet from my Houston BFF, several cards in the mail (some with GCs and other fun, flat gifts), and a box of fun gifts from my mother once I was home!

What a fantastically wonderful 37th lieu of having my sweetie right here with me to celebrate, I couldn't have asked for more today!!!

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