Wednesday, July 23, 2008

let the lessons begin

On the eve of my 37th birthday, I've decided to change directions with my blog a bit...okay, so I need a more direct direction to begin with, but whatever (as the kids like to say these days).

I started out with dig-it-designs as a means to explore my art interests & the art/creativity of others whose work I admire, enjoy, am amazed by. I started out strong with this & hope to still add to it, but I've since waned. The truth is that lately I've been struggling with some health issues and feeling very confused & heavy with thoughts of what to do, how to feel better, what it all means & so on. I'm kind of sick of "talking" about it & I'm sure my friends/family are sick of "hearing" about it. Plus there is just so much information I'm gathering to educate myself & better understand how to move forward. I figure this can be a great place for me to sort it out for myself & if in so doing I can provide information to anyone else, then all the better.

So here's to figuring it out...or atleast enjoying the journey a bit more.

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