Wednesday, August 6, 2008

a bit of a bitch

I'm going to bitch today because I'm feeling frustrated...with a capital F.

I had a gloriously free & unexpected day off yesterday (due to "tropical storm Eduardo" which turned out to be just a rainy day) and I did nothing with the day becaues I felt so run down and shitty. I'd slept poorly because my back was killing me all night (which I'm pretty sure was due to some flour/sugar ingesting---when will I learn?!?).

Anyway, this is probably why I'm in a pissy mood too...the offending substances are making me irritable, like they usually do. And then I had some watermelon today & have spent the afternoon since lunch bloated & crampy. Is it candida? Who the hell knows.

I'm feeling sorry for myself too because I feel like it's always 1 step foward, 2 steps back. My mom has a friend who's gotten passed CFS and she put us in touch (I was very hopeful he'd have some great advice to impart), but so far it's just been the usual stuff I've already been trying. Then today I joined a ME/CFS group on Facebook (and it's great to be among people who understand), but it's made me realize there's a potentially long road to travel with this thing.

I need to get a meditation routine going...actually I feel like I just need A routine. I think it might help me feel like I have some control in all of this (there is that ever powerful "control" topic again)...or put another way, some say in getting myself well.

So if I put a daily routine together, what would/should/could I include?!?

hot lemon water (am)
yoga stretches & quiet meditation (30 mins total)
body brushing (pre-shower)
various supplements & digestive enzymes w/ breakfast
cider/honey drink (am)
supps & enzymes w/ lunch
aloe juice drink (pm)
walk after work with some light weights/stretching (ideally daily)
supps & enzymes w/ dinner
Epsom bath
sleep aid supps (melatonin & 5-HTP)
stretching & deep breathing
listen to soothing music & journal or read positive affirmation in bed

I'll need to revisit this & see what I can add, but this seems like a good start...and makes me feel alittle less scattered just for putting it down here.

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