Monday, August 4, 2008

from wiggle worm to PLMD

As a kid, I used to get kicked out of bed when I'd try to sleep with my parents for being a "wiggle worm." In other words, I moved around alot when sleeping.

Now today, as an adult, I've been diagnosed with "periodic limb movement disorder" which sounds made up, but I guess it's just really a fancy way to say I am still a wiggle worm...and I'm assuming it's now an excuse to try to put me on some sort of medication or contraption to make me sleep more soundly. If they could find a way to charge for prescriptions to counting sheep, I'm sure they would patent it & put it in a pill bottle.

There's a whole host of possibilities why, but I haven't the foggiest which one is my why. There are so many theories why people have trouble sleeping, why people toss & turn, why people fidget instead of sleep soundly. Yet another million dollar question to search for answers!

Ugh, the saga continues...

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