Tuesday, August 25, 2009

time traveler

Time Traveler
made by me for my British penpal of 20 yrs

I recently met a friend whom I'd known for 20 years, but never met. We became penpals in 1989 via an ad for "get your own penpal" in the back of Rolling Stone magazine. I think for $5 one could send off for a list of international friends--you could specify nationality, language, sex, age, etc. Looking back, it could have been a rather seedy endeavor, but from my naive high school senior perspective, it seemed harmless enough. What I really wanted was a German friend to practice language, but little did I know, it would produce a long-lasting friendship...and 20 yrs later, a great vacation to western England...and beyond!

me confused in Piccadilly...Aug '09


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