Sunday, August 16, 2009

Claim It | Do It | Own It

*possibility on the horizon*
Caernarfon Castle, Wales
photo by me

This blog is really just for me--a place to start, to collect my thoughts, to hold myself accountable. If someone else gets something out of it, that's good. If it brings me into a community of other like-minds, that'll be great. If it forces me out of my fear of doing, that would be the best.

I turned 38 about a month ago. It's come after a long, slow, frustrating year of not feeling well or doing much living--a bit of a lost year it would seem to many and has seemed that way to me along the way. Of course, nothing is truly lost and as such, I've made a promise to myself to reclaim my life in the ways that the one-time whispers are now screaming for me to follow. A life of creativity. I still do not entirely know what that entails...I dabble in writing, in found-object art, in dreaming and scheming and imagining. But so far, I haven't given much energy to anything and therefore not much of anything has come to be.

Since turning 38: I've taken a trip abroad, met in person, for the first time, a friend whom I'd already known for 20 years, made a decision to distance myself from a relationship that wasn't serving me well, slept with a boy for the sole purpose of retelling it (okay, so I got alittle something out of it in the process), and committed to the promise of moving forward into this next year with creativity as my guide. Not a bad month really now that I think about it...and I want to create many more months like this one.

So here is where I will explore a life of doing...of creating, of discovering, of coming into whatever it is that I am being internally challenged with becoming. So here we are & I'm ready for my close up: Act 1, Scene 1, Take 38!


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