Monday, August 24, 2009

hello, yellow brick road

follow the yellow brick road: The Wizard of Oz, Warner Bros.

Well week 1 of the new blog & I haven't contributed too much to it. I'm not going to fret or beat myself or of give myself the see-I-told-you-so's either. It just is what it is...and it will continue to be what I make it.

I saw Julie & Julia this weekend. Cute movie & Meryll Streep is so fantastic...and the whole story is very inspiring. Now, I'm not expecting my blog itself to do all that, but it was a fierce reminder of how putting an intention out there (even a seemingly unintentional intention) & letting the Universe work its magic is really what we are charged with doing. So that's exactly my intention with this blog...a forum to organize my ideas, knowing that by simply taking the steps in a direction, any direction, the Universe will lay the path for me to follow.

I haven't done alot this week...but I have had a wellspring of ideas that I've been capturing and nuturing and marinating and planning for. Mostly art, but some snippets of story/writing ideas too. It feels good to have the creative juices flowing & by documenting them, I am giving myself permission to explore them in due time. I cannot do it all at once & change will not happen overnight. I am slowly accepting this. But step by step, I will find my Oz at whichever rest-stop the Universe decides to construct it...I know building permits & zoning restrictions are probably a pain in the Emerald City!


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