Tuesday, September 28, 2010

got creativity fever

I've got a bug flurrying around inside...it's the creativity bug. I'm finding myself thinking of decorating (I desperately want to get rid of some of my furniture items, replace others, and generally get a new home groove going), and also art making (so much is speaking to me that others are doing that I'm itching to do some of my own & try some new things), plus writing (the voices are saying "put it down on paper" "tap into that thought/idea/person" but I have been ignoring the stories & characters & ideas).

This happens from time to time--it's like the creativity damn springs a leak & the various outlets I gravitate toward (interiors, mixed media, writing, photography) all start vying for attention at the same time. It's like the teacher has asked the schoolkids who knows the answer & each of them eagerly raise their hands, quietly sitting in their school seats, jutting the extended arm up higher in hopes of being noticed & called on first. The trouble with this is I never know which one to call on--which one I want to dive into--and as such, none of them get attention in the end.

I would really really really like to get better at managing/juggling my various creative interests--find a way somehow to indulge them all yet still maintain productivity with each. It will be a process I'm sure, and I'm also sure that doing ANYthing creative right now can only be a good thing.


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