Monday, September 27, 2010

s.p.i. & i

I know, I know...I've been MIA...again! I do that from time to time...disappear from the blogosphere. Oh well...tis what it tis, yes?

I've got lots to share, I'm sure, but I guess I 1) haven't been in much of a sharing mood, and 2) I've been busy + out of town. I just got back from South Padre Island (SPI)--that's the best beach Texas has to offer & it's pretty darn good.

Even better when you go with a group of women to connect (with each other), disconnect (from the daily grind), and reconnect (to yourself). I managed to do all of those things & it felt fantastic to do so.

I've been back a day & a half (first day back to work) and I'm slowly feeling my brain turn back on--and not the good, helpful brain way, but the gremlin brain of obsessive thinking that leads nowhere but eventual madness. I'm keeping it at bay & trying to hold onto the calm of a week watching waves roll endlessly into shore, sun shining gleefully down on shoulders and toes, and crying from laughing so hard/much with a group of grown women.
I think I most needed the girl-time (both with my BFF & new friends). I definitely also needed my happy place (the ocean--it heals like nothing else). And I needed perspective outside of my daily life to see my own reality for what it is. Oh and a tan--I needed one of those too! :)

I barely even captured any photos while there--only what I could snap on my phone really. I'm bummed about that, but that is the only thing...everything else was ab*sol*ute*ly perfect. I feel ready to tackle reality again & make it a more fulfilling one at that.


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  1. yay - time out (especially by the sea) is all kinds of good.

    (welcome back)