Tuesday, October 19, 2010

time flies

a beachhouse in OBX...taken 2005

I was reviewing & updating my 2010 Goals List & realizing alot of it's not going to happen, but also realizing that much of it has...so I'm going to consider that a win/win given the fact that this year has still been a struggle health-wise, but it's finally feeling like it's steadily getting better for a change (knock on wood).

At this stage in the year--2.5 months to go before 2010 officially ends--there are just some things that are not going to happen. Namely things that will require travel (California & UK). Some things are probably not going to happen (like opening an Etsy store or submitting a short story for publication...or even having sex somewhere new); however, they might happen & I'm leaving the window open for that. And then there are a few things (like buying new Fiestaware, making ornaments, and/or seeing 2 more live shows) that could easily happen if I just get it in gear. I will focus on some of these & hope to cross more off the list before this year fades away.

Stay tuned...I know I will be.


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  1. hi there,
    lovely to hear from you :) I am notorious for making wish lists and yes, like you say, some will come true and some won't and I find myself focusing on key ones and moving on to other ones when the time is right (like my art MA, it just suddenly felt the right time, although that remains to be seen!).

    I will cross my fingers too that you manage to get more done before the year's out. If you ever come to the UK DO get in touch and we can hopefully meet up. I have met a few bloggers now and it is so great!