Wednesday, September 30, 2009

catching dreams

Dream Catcher
mixed media assemblage by me
(for D's birthday)

I've been working on a list of "dreams"...intentions really...things I'd like to do/put out into the Universe as an offering and a request for help in achieving my heart's desires.

I have been feeling very nutured by the Universe lately, so I'm trusting it more. Maybe it's because I'm not fighting with myself as much. Maybe it's because I'm trying to trust the process more. And maybe it's just because I'm allowing myself to believe in myself for a change...especially when I stop long enough to see the signs & feel guiding hands giving me nudges & thumbs-ups.

So I thought I should put my list of dreams OUT scary as that feels even though nobody is reading my blog but me. If for no other reason that to finally be able to say: I believe in my own dreams dammit! It is by no means a static's a start. Perhaps I will update it every few months--cross off & add to.

  1. earn a comfortable living exclusively thru creative/artistic means
  2. share my passion for creativity & self-empowerment/healing (conduct art therapy/workshops)
  3. find a partner to share my life withl, a man who encourages me to be my best, truest & silliest & is willing to be the same (hoping this is w/ a certain Scotsman, but open to what is meant to be)
  4. explore photography
  5. live in a unique, personalized house with a large studio/workshop
  6. live part-time in Europe (UK most likely)
  7. trust my journey and live with joy
  8. write & get published
  9. create/become part of a community of like-minded & inspiring friends
  10. nurture myself physically, allowing myself to be healthy, strong & fit
  11. learn a 2nd language (either improve my German or tackle Spanish)
  12. dance regularly
  13. cultivate a beautiful, ever-growing garden
  14. risk more artistically & dream bigger creatively
  15. show my work to the public
  16. learn to sew
  17. learn to knit and/or crochet
  18. take life less seriously
  19. take weekend/day trips

It's a small step...but every journey begins with one, right?

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