Thursday, May 6, 2010

living in...Living, Etc.

I simply ADORE multi-patterned couches...and these bright colors in this bright room just brighten my mood immediately

I LOVE Living, Etc. magazine. I found it on the magazine racks in UK once & when I discovered the website, I knew I could be transported into my perfect design world at the click of a mouse all the way over here in the US.

such a cute, clever, colorful idea...the magazine & website are PACKED with them

But there's just something about holding a magazine in your hands, flipping pages, and opening it back up to your FAVORITE featured residence time & time again.

oh my...this almost peacock luxurious...I can feel the bubbles tickling my skin

Trouble was, the international subscription was just a smidge out of my realistic budget--I mean I could have afforded it, but I couldn't justify affording it. I casually mentioned to my UK BFF that if he ever ran across one, if he wouldn't mind picking it up and shipping it to me whenever.

I could do some serious reading & writing in this's so cozy yet cool

This was before I realized that Borders sold it. But before I knew it, I had Living, Etc.'s arriving in my mailbox monthly. My BFF had graciously bought me the international subscription (I know, he's awesome like that)...and I am now receiving them faster than I could savor them.

there is just so much to love about this living room...the color, the stuff, the causal elegance...SIGH!

I just simply LOVE so much about the magazine. With the demise of mags such as Cottage Living and Domino, my love affair with interior publications has been waning. I'm big on electic and colorful and the Brits do both so well.

this kitchen is just so IT for me...Iactually feel whole (and home) when I see this image!

When I open up each issue, I just submerge myself in the beauty, the cleverness, and the cozyness of each interior...whether modern or bohemian or traditional...something about each style speaks to my taste and I can so totally see & feel myself living inside the pages each and every time.

This bedroom is so ME...I might do the walls a smidge of a darker grey, but I could soooo get used to waking up here every day!

Perhaps it also feeds my long-standing dream of living part-time in the UK. For a hundred + pages, I can pretend and daydream and envision that life for myself. It makes it feel more achievable somehow.
the whimsy of these purple chairs, the structure of those honeycomb patterned walls & windows...I mean, c'mon!

If I could build my perfect house, these pictures would be exactly what it would be built from. Gosh I actually get a little giddy-feeling inside thinking of a house with each of these it could actually be possible. A girl can dream, right?! Oh and dream she does.

the rose colored wall, the frills & brick & wood & controlled chaos--it speaks to my heart & my soul & begs me to sit & have coffee

The power of intention is a beautiful, magical thing...I mean, I asked for an issue here/there & I got a personal subscription. Maybe by curating this little grouping of images, I can manifest my dream home too!



  1. You really seem into this! I love seeing your passions in print.

  2. I thought you might like to see this artwork. It's really phenomenal.

  3. Thanks Anonymous...very cool stuff. I've never seen the staples work amazing is that?