Wednesday, May 19, 2010

missing in action

photo found here

Well missing, but not much action. I've been staying a bit under the radar recently. Mostly due to my usual "blah's" & mostly due to not much to say...although I do have pics & a recap of my annual Mother's Day weekend get-away with mom that I'd like to document & share here, but that requires coordination of text & photos, something that is beyond my capabilities at the moment (apparently).

I've been neglecting my art e-course assignments. I've not been creating any of my own art (although I did find out the same people that did my art show last year are doing another this November they want to includ me in). I've been a bit more social lately, which is good on many levels. And I'm re-committing to efforts to feel better. I've been off the meds for almost a month & can really tell a difference in starting to slip back to not feeling so great, so I've got an appointment with the Doc on Monday to see what we can do (meds again or something else?!) , plus I'm embarking on The UltraSimple Diet to help sorta detox & get me on track (taking all my stats for that [weight + measurements] was deflating, but motivating). So the frustrating hamster wheel of a search to get better continues...frustratingly so!

But I'm trying not to let it get me down...or atleast keep me down.

I did make it to the park on Monday for my power walk & made a new friend who I have a walking date with on Friday. We kept challenging each other the majority of the walk (she first past me up & my "oh no you didn't" caused me to charge ahead & pass her up & on & was actually rather funny to see us at it--in the end, we decided we were good for each other & perhaps will have a regular schedule of walking together).



  1. did think you were quiet. we need to skype soon:)

  2. I'm glad you're getting out and walking, exercise never hurts.