Friday, July 2, 2010


Took my first hoop dance class last night--I'm totally HOOKED!

I've seen this done before and am always entralled watching others do it. While it's been around in some form for quite some time (I imagine since the hula hoop came out in the 50's), I know it's been sort of an "alternative" thing with club kids and/or Burning Man-y type folk, but I guess I didn't really realize it was a "thing!" in and of itself.

Then I saw a post Jo did on her blog at Shapeshifting, and I thought "wait, I can learn this?!" That was maybe on Monday, by Thursday, I was in a class not far from my house! I wanted to buy a hoop that night, so I can practice in between the weekly classes; however, this was not to be. I'm a bit bummed because I'm already itching to twirl the hoop again today, even though I'm a bit sore & reckon I will get more so as today progresses. But that will have to wait til class next Thursday, unless I can get my hands on a hoop sooner. I will continue to watch things like this to inpsire me until then.



  1. how fun, fun fun!! i need to check into this here where i am :)

    happy hooping!

  2. Thanks Barb! I HIGHLY recommend it!!!

  3. Lol, yeah Jo has inspired me too:) Tempted to get a hoop, but may wait until I go down to see her in July.