Saturday, December 4, 2010


Hope is the thing with feathers
That perches in the soul
And sings the tune without the words
And never stops at all. ~ Emily Dickinson
taken by my UK BF Alan during their unusually early winter
I've been Add Imagethinking alot about hope lately...what it is, what it means, where the line occurs between blind faith & plain ol' blindness. I do not have the answer really, but I know I carry specific hopes inside me every day...namely for a love I haven't seen in over 1000 days.

Funnily enough, I got the above Emily Dickinson quote while watching Criminal Minds (they have the BEST quotes on that show). It was an older episode about a mother whose son had been kidnapped 8 years prior. She devoted every day of those 8 years to trying to find him & in the process she lost the rest of her family, bits of her own sanity, and the respect of everyone around her because she believed in something that no one else could (finding her child alive after so much time). Of course, in the end (and because it's Hollywood), she was the hero who helped find other missing childrens because she never gave up.

I often feel alittle bit like that mother--believing in something no one else can, trusting something that no one can see, hoping for something that appears, to others, as hopelessly out of reach. Much like the spiderweb above...something so fragile and often easily overlooked or swept away becomes strong and beautiful under extreme circumstances...I feel like hope is this way too.

I guess I am making peace with this hope--I am not crazy, I am not naive, I am not desperate. I am simply in love & I believe in something that is beyond my comprehension but is securely in my heart, growing stronger & more beautiful with the extreme circumstances of passing time...and apparently I'm way more patient than I ever knew I could be.



  1. What a touching and moving post. I am more impressed with you the more I read. Keep up the good work--in everything you do.

  2. Thanks Anon...not sure who you are, but thanks for reading & commenting!

  3. Yes! I love that quote, one of my favorite. Hope is one of the most important things, it puts the wind our sail! Fun to come and visit your blog again! xo