Thursday, February 25, 2010

shout out!

I was over at decor8 today & in commenting about reusable shopping bags, I thought "why don't I ever give props to things I dig on my blog?" So I thought I'd take this opportunity to do just that--with the same shout out I gave to Envirosax over at decor8!

I LOVE these bags. I first found out about them about 2+ years ago via a teeny blip of a product mention in some random magazine I was reading while getting my nails done. I jotted the website down, thankfully, and then actually remembered to check it out at a later time. I ordered my first set of bags (back then, they only had maybe 2-3 design sets to choose from). I still use that original set ALL.THE.TIME...for weekly groceries & also for other easy-tote-necessary occasions. I would love to get some of the groovy new designs, but my set is still holding up so well after all this time, that I can't quite purchase anything new yet.

I love that 1) they are bright & decorative, but also 2) the material they're made of makes them lightweight to store/carry and very easy to keep clean (without having to throw into a washer every time you get a smudge or drip on it), but 3) they roll up & snap shut into a teeny little ball, so you can easily throw one in your purse to have available for those spur-of-the-moment purchases that can sometimes pop up.

So there you go--my Envirosax schpeel. I do not work for them, get paid by them, or own stock in them. I just love them & I even buy them for friends & family as gifts cause they really are that kickass!


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  1. oooo! you know, ever since i moved to melbourne, i do a lot of walking and public transportation so i need a grocery bag!! these are great! i'm actually going to get a graphic one!!!
    wow oh wow!
    thanks for introducing me to this!