Friday, February 5, 2010

Thankful Friday

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I've recently been inspired by someone else's Thankful Fridays & thought I'd like to start doing this for myself to help with the grumps I seem to get mired down in. This is the perfect Friday to start on because I have something very much to be thankful for today. Plus who isn't thankful simply that it's Friday!?

I got a prescription for a medication that I am desperately hoping is going to make a HUGE difference in how I'm feeling. That might not seem like that big of a deal, but it's not something that docs give out with regularity (because it's to treat something many don't really believe in). I'm not trying to be overtly cryptic, but it's not entirely necessary to get into the details of it...just that two weeks ago I decided to schedule an appointment with the doc that diagnosed me with CFS after not going back to her (in frustration) for over a year, specifically to see if she'd just flat out prescribe me this medication whether she believed in it or not. I stressed somewhat about this for the last 2 weeks...feeling like this was my best shot to feel better & knowing if she turned me down, I was sort of out of options temporarily. For the record: I am not at all a pill poppin' kind of gal, so for me to be putting all my eggs in one pill bottle is a BIG deal.

But she didn't turn me down...she was very receptive, prescribed me the medication, and is willing to work with me to sort it out if these meds don't work. I feel so relieved just at here's hoping my theory on what this medication will do comes through for me & I start feeling better in a week or so! Fingers crossed people...I need this to work really badly! :)

Also thankful for today:
a certain communication with a certain Scotsman
sunshine coming out after a week of grey rain
embarking on a writing course to dust off my skills & get me out there with my work


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