Monday, February 8, 2010

so far, so good

Well Saturday proved to be an exceptionally perky day for me...something I haven't experienced in some time. I don't know if it was a fluke, the placebo effect from starting my new medication the day prior (I mean surely it can't be working THAT fast), the fact that the sun was out for the first time in too many grey days. But I went with it.

It wasn't so much that I got TONS done, but that I was "up," in good spirits, and thinking clearly. I did spend many hours writing my first assignment for my new e-writing course which felt wonderful to actually be doing something creative. Mind you, it was frustrating & hard, but the good kind that makes you feel alive & proud, even if it's not award-winning quality. I got out in the sunny weather to do some errands & such, and managed to hold onto energy well into the evening without so much as lying on the couch or spending the day in my PJs!

Unfortunately Sunday was AS perky, but it was still better than most days, and while I didn't get nearly all the things done that I really wanted to, I'm not getting bent out of shape about it. I did run across the video below of the lovely Judy Wise. I only know Judy through other artists' adoration & admiration of her, plus she's currently in my Unravelling group which feels like a treat. After watching the video, not only did I get some flashes of inspiration of how to keep (or in my case, instigate) the creative juices flowing, but I realized why she is indeed the wise woman of so many art communities.

It helped remind me that creativity is where you make it; creativity is not perfect; and you have to create to be creative, not the other way around! Thanks Judy!



  1. so happy you are having some good moments in your life! i met judy at squam in sept last year (she was one of my cabin mates) and i can attest to her delightfulness.

    i think creativity simply becomes another way of breathing if we truly allow it in our lives (well, for me it is anyway)