Tuesday, November 17, 2009

be still

be still, assemblage by me

It's not unreturned love, from a certain someone, that hurts, Katherine. It's just that sometimes the "thing" you're focusing on, keeps you from feeling all the love that others are sending you.

Especially me, me, me - The Universe
PS: In other words, Katherine, the more it seems that "love" hurts, the more you can be sure it's something else.

I thought today's Notes from the Universe was ironic given yesterday's blog post. Thanks Universe!

Also, now that I'm organized in my little art-making area & enjoying the unclutteredness of my house overall, I'm starting to look forward to using my Thanksgiving 4-day weekend time off to start diving back into making some art. Could mean the clutter & chaos come back out yet again, but I'd like to try to manage it better this time around, see if I can't keep it from taking over the entire house for a change. We shall see...

Funnily enough, I've been daydreaming about these little mini-collage/vision/inspiration cards that I ran across at record the day and I'm itching to figure out how I can incorporate something similar either into my artwork or just my daily creativity. Again, we shall see...

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