Thursday, November 19, 2009

sugar & spice & creating is nice

mmm, can't wait to get this & start baking

My brain is buzzing with creative many ideas are slamming to the surface. I feel like it's a sea of little kids each with their hand up screaming "me!" "me!" "me!".

After my art show I decided to take a wee break from creating, especially as I used part of the time to get reorganized in my teeny workspace & get the rest of my house decluttered so I could actually think & breathe while at home. That's been accomplished, yet I've been sorta unmotivated in the world of creativity lately...with a faint eye on the 4-day weekend up ahead for Thanksgiving with no family obligations/plans & intending to use it for creative endeavors. But it's been a bit of a blurry goal. Nothing specific, just "make art."

My lack of creative motivation has undoubtably been due to my overall motivation--been in a bit of the dumps lately, just feeling blah as usual (and irritated that I still am). As as result (and after a cookie-dough-induced-depression all last weekend making for a useless weekend), I've decided I have GOT to get off sugar. I'm gluten-free & dairy-free, but I've found plenty of tasty "legal" goodies chock full of sugar to enjoy. Trouble is, just as I get with glutenated sugary foods, gluten-free sugary foods still mess me up. After the depression-induced gluten-free cookie dough experience, I decided that's more...and I've been sugar-free for about 4 days now. And guess what--the pep is coming back to my step & the creative juices are starting to churn & flow again. So much that I feel a bit flooded just now...assemblage, mosaic, writing, photographs, jewelry, xmas ornaments, furniture restoration...I mean, it's just 4 days off...where do I start?!

So I'm going to give sugar-free a new chance...especially if I can still enjoy yummmies made in a slightly different way. I've been sugar-free fact, I abstained from sugar for 3 whole years & was better for it, but the contast deprivation was depressing in & of itself sometimes. I'm really looking forward to getting this book (hopefully before Thanksgiving weekend, so I can treat myself to something nice) & see if an alternative sugar* diet might be a happier medium than all or nothing and I sure hope so. I'll report back what I come up with...both in the oven & the workshop!


*when I say alternative, I'm not talking chemically sugar substitutes either--I'm talking natural sweetners that have a lower glycemic index & don't jack w/ my brain in crazy ways.

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