Monday, November 9, 2009

clearing the clutter

I wish I had befores, but here are the afters of my little art studio re-org space. It's the first room you enter when you come thru the front door & having it so cluttered & junky was not a comforting or welcoming way to enter my home.

I'm hoping I can keep it kept nice & neat even when I'm knee deep in creating and making stuff. It's just so nice to be free of the visual chaos all over the house (well my dining room still has some things scattered on the table that need sifting through). As so often happens when I embark on any of my annual cleaning sprees (no I'm not a very devote housekeeper--I mean I try to clean more regularly, but I'm very lazy about it), I get that sense of accomplishment and wish it was enough to remind me not to let things get junky as the days go on & the projects get started, etc, etc. Sorta like exercising: when you do it, you're glad you did & can't believe you left so much time pass where you didn''s a theme in my life: cleaning, exercising, eating right. Don't get me started...

I must remind myself that the creativity flows more freely when I'm not having to function over & around & underneath piles. But I also have to give myself a break & know that when the creativity is flowing, shit starts flying around & piling up & getting crazy because I can't break the cycle to pick up after myself every other minute while I'm making art. And that's just part of the process...for me anyway.



  1. ooooo that is totally on my TO DO list!
    I should totally do that tonight!
    a messy clutter is not good for creating!!

  2. i imagine you'll get in plenty of organizing as you pack up for journey to your new home!