Thursday, November 26, 2009

giving thanks favoritest buddy

Thanksgiving is mostly associated with eating turkey, gathering with family, and football. Today I am at home, by myself, which is fine--it's my choosing. And while I'm perfectly content with that because family-hoopla isn't really my thing. But I must confess, I do wish I had a partner to spend the day with...but what's new?!?

In spite of that, I am still thankful for plenty today:

Eadith trusty 4-legged companion of 13 yrs
Healthy family & animals
Girlfriends who make me laugh & let me cry
Gluten-free baking
Blue skies & sunshine
My Jeep
Vibrators :)
Finding my art voice
The internet & all who share themselves there
A steady paycheck
Morning coffee
Getting to meet my UK penpal after 20 yrs
Scottish men in kilts

I could keep going & I'm sure get even sillier with it....point is, it's not difficult to get into a grateful frame of mind if you give yourself permission. And not just one day a year, but each & every day...especially the ones that feel grey & gloomy.

However, today is beautiful and bright & clear & crisp & cool. I have hours & hours to make art (although struggling a bit w/ getting going after an almost month-long hiatus) & 4 days of freedom from the cube. I mean, that alone is enough to be grateful for.


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