Saturday, November 7, 2009

Re-Org '09 and avant garden

"avant garden" mixed media assemblage (sold), by me

Thought I'd start posting some of the close-ups from the pieces from the show. I've been pretty knackered ever since...guess the CFS is acting up after that week of high adrenaline of getting it all together.

Since then & thanks to the generosity of my mother, I have been focusing my efforts on Re-Org '09. I got some new shelves from Ikea for the studio space to a) provide more work room and b) more storage capacity. I spent an evening assembling the darn things. Then another night clearing out the studio space so the shelves could go in. Another night starting the migration of the now-wayward other furniture items into other areas & uses around the house, plus re-migrating art things back into it's new space. And now with the weekend, I'm really diving into the studio itself to get it all organized & all the bits collected from around the house. It's going well, but I've hit a bit of a wall since I've been up since 4:00 doing it.

I wish I would have taken a "before" shot of the studio space, but alas, I was so eager to make it all better that I forgot to snap one (i will post "afters" since I promised mom I'd show her how it turned out). Needless to say, I know what the difference is & that's really all that matters. Plus who would have thought that organizing my studio space would mean that my utility room got a much-needed revamp, I will be able to eat on my dining table again, and that I repurposed other furniture items into much more functional roles in other rooms?!

It's a really good feeling, even though I'm not 100% complete yet, to get this massive undertaking underway & reclaim a clutter-free (or mostly anyway) house! Yay me & thanks mom!!!


above assemblage constructed using: thrift store frame, spoon, wire, tin & found bits of random hardware assembled to look like flowers, wax, bits of vintage paper & modern cardstock.


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