Saturday, March 13, 2010

experimental art

Really looking forward to taking this next e-course. I know, I'm totally on a roll w/ the e-course thing this year. First Unravelling for self-discovery/connection. Then Sexy on the Page for writing. Currently Mondo Beyondo for dream catching. And up next, Experimental Art! Really looking forward to it helping me get my artistic mojo back up & running. I've been feeling it simmering, wanting to bubble up again, so I hoping this will be the heat that turns the burner up enough to let it boil out & over!

All this learning & exploring & reflecting is good...sometimes overwhelming & hard to keep up, but good all the same! I highly recommend it.


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  1. wow - hello! Glad to meet you on your web-space! Want to get to know everyone who's doing the course too . . . . thanks for the link and I'm looking forward to April as well!