Friday, March 19, 2010

an unlikely MUSE

Went to see Muse last night at The Toyota Center & man was it BRILLIANT! Now they know how to put on a rock show, I have to say. If you enjoy their music even a smidge, seeing them live will make you fall in love, I promise. Part Radiohead, part Queen, pure energy...between the music, the performance, the visuals and the light show, it was totally & completely spectacular from beginning to 2nd encore end!!!

But even more than the music itself, I found myself flooded with creative inspiration All. Night. Long. I wished I had stuck a note pad in my teeny "going out" purse, so I could dorkily scribble down the endless waves of ideas that kept zooming through my brain. I captured only one on my phone via a text to myself, but hopefully the rest are still in swimming around my noggin & will re-appear as I need them.

I got in late & this "old lady" doesn't do late very often, but it was SO worth it. It'll make for a long day in the cube, but it's Friday, so I promise I won't complain (too much)! I'm looking forward to creating some art this weekend...maybe even with some of this newfound inspiration.

PS: this also means I can tick off 1 from #14 of my 2010 To-Do's list.


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  1. Creative inspiration seems to come when we least expect it! I also found creative ways to look "busy" when I worked in a cube but was actually asleep :D