Monday, April 26, 2010

extreme e-coursing

dream catcher, an assemblage by ktucker artworks

I've just signed up for my 5th e-course of the year! I thought my current course would be my last, but darnit, I just couldn't resist this most recent one, Kelly Rae Robert's Flying Lessons.

I'm not sure how much good all these ecourse are doing me--some I've really dove into full force, others I've skimmed off the surface, but found myself dipping back in after they were over. Sometimes I feel like I'm grasping, as I tend to do, for something to guide me, give me direction, help me figure it out. But then sometimes I feel like I'm making up for lost time of feeling crippled by CFS and a longing heart for the last 2+ years.

Either way, I don't care. I'm giving myself what I need right now--outlets for my creativity, self-discovery, and forward motivation & growth. I'm simply a seeker...nothing wrong with that. And what that means to me is learning & growing in directions, especially those I never allowed myself much of in the past.

My e-courses have gone like this:
Jan: Unravelling
Feb: Sexy on the Page
March: Mondo Beyondo
April: Experimental Art E-course
May: Flying Lessons

So here's to extreme e-coursing! And taking myself to the next level.



  1. "extreme e-coursing" - that's going to make me giggle all morning :-) x

  2. holy shit. that's a lot of courses! are you planning on keeping that up for the remainder of the year?!

    so happy that you are finding what you need in all of these places

  3. Glad I could give you some giggles Susannah!

    Leonie, thanks for the profanity! :) And no, not intending to keep it up for the rest of the year (although that might be kinda cool); however, I didn't intend to be doing anything past February either, so who knows?!? :))

  4. learning new things is good for the creative soul!
    that's so awesome!
    how does e coursing work?

  5. I'm interning for Andrea Beaman this summer, so found you through her FB fanpage.

    What a lovely blog! Thank you for sharing these images and your insights. Your motivation for this blog reminds me a bit of the creative exercise suggested by Sarah Ban Breathnach in her book, "Simple Abundance: A Daybook of Comfort and Joy".

  6. Hi Stacy...what a fun internship! I bet Andrea is a blast to work with. Yes, I'm a big fan of hers--in fact, speaking of "extreme e-coursing," she should totally do an e-course. I can never get to her events in NYC & while I watch her shows on TV, I would love have more of a direct connection to her knowledge!