Thursday, April 15, 2010

outta the funk

pink port-o-potties Austin, Texas 2008

OK...s-l-o-w-l-y emerging from the funk & feeling a bit more hopeful, so thought I'd do a happier post (although that might cause it to be brief). :)

I have to say, I have a couple of exciting things I'm patiently waiting on. One of which is my custom art piece by Claudine Helmuth. I'm getting one for my mom for Mother's Day--I know it will be adorable & I cannot wait to see what Claudine comes up with! My mom is going to get a HUGE kick out of it, I just know it.

Also, gathering my supplies for the Experimental Art e-course Amelia is offering starting April 19...really hoping this helps kickstart my creative mojo. I've been dabbling w/ some collage work...and when I say dabbling, I mean minimal attempts (but somehow it still made a HUGE mess on yet another non-studio table top). Why is it that artwork has a way of spreading throughout the house regardless of having a dedicated work area?! I'm really enjoying going through the Not Paper blog over & over, re-reviewing collage artists Aprile has featured there.

Ohhhh and I keep forgetting to post pics of my art purchases from the Bayou City Art Festival back in March. Well, I don't keep forgetting to post them--I've been delayed in displaying them so that I can snap pics of them to post!

love the look of mixed fabric sofas--these courtesy of my FAVE interior mag, Living, etc.

And speaking of delays in posting pictures, I am in the process of getting covers made for my couch cushions. I finally found some yummy fabric (I hope it works out when all is said & done), but I cannot for the life of me find a pic of the pattern online to share with you here, so I will have to wait til I get the covers back from a friend who's doing the sewing for me to show the before/afters of the couch! I'm really inspired by the look in the pics above...and would love to do a quilted patchwork look like the one to the left, but it'll look alittle more like the 2nd & 3rd.

So see, I guess there are some good things going on & good things coming up that I could be focusing's just that today's the first day in many days I can see the good. So YAY for that!!!


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