Tuesday, April 6, 2010

ready, set...STOP!

Ugh, I think this hot yoga challenge wasn't such a good idea right out of the gate of starting to feel better. Each time I've gone, I've felt the draining effects the day after. Not the good kind of post excerise invirogation & energy boost, but the deep down drain of my all-too-familiar CFS lethargy. No, No, No!

Unfortunately, I think I'm going to have to put the challenge on hold...for now. I will continue going to yoga classes, some hot, some not, and mix it up with my park power walk workouts, but for now, the hot 90 minute classes are proving tough on me (the class itself is getting easier & I love it while I'm doing it, but it's the post-exertional malaise, as they call it, that's kicking my ass the most).

I need to listen to my body, not be stubborn just for the sake of the self-imposed challenge, because I DO NOT want to go back to feeling the chronic energy suck every single day. The challenge will have to wait for a later date, hopefully when I can sustain my energy even after vigorous exercise!



  1. Knowing your limitations is the sign of someone who is smarter than most. Good luck, and I hope you keep trying to meet your goals, no matter how difficult they are or become!

  2. Glad you called it a stop, CFS is something that shouldn't be trifled with. And the hot yoga practice just sounds very exhausting.

  3. wow - I really hear you with this! I really can't do what I used to as I get knackered! hhhmmmm - sounds like you do a lot though!

    Thanks for the comment and also forgot to say, I'm glad you got your give-away through the post okay and yes, can't wait to see what you do on the experimental art e-course :)