Saturday, April 3, 2010

ready, set...sweat!

downward dog photo, found here

So Friday was Day #1 of my self-inflicted 30-day hot yoga challenge. It actually went alot better than I thought...well, I didn't think it would go badly, but I was a bit nervous to embark on this, seeing how I haven't done hot yoga in about 7-8 years. Coming off of the CFS induced last 2 years, exercise has fallen by the wayside. I've been getting back to the park for my power walks in recent weeks, so I thought it was a good time to up the ante & dive into my hot yoga goal for the year.

Originally I set out to do a 60-day challenge, but I couldn't find 60 consecutive days free (no out of towns or evening plans) in the foreseeable future, and April was all I could manage, so I'm scaling down to a 30-day challenge instead.

For day #1, I managed to stay in the room the entire time, but I did have to sit out a couple of postures (was feeling light-headed upon coming up from certain inverted poses), but I caught my breath, centered myself & dove back in when I felt I was able. I was also surprised at how minimal I kept the criticism of myself in the mirror ahead of me. I did cringe a time or two as I was hanging upside down observing the cottage cheese factory that has taken up residence on my thighs. This is nothing new--it's both genetic & habitual from when I weighed a good 60 lbs more. I doubt I'll ever realistically get totally rid of it, but there have been times in my life where it's been minimal & tolerable.

But that was it on the negativity. Overall, I was proud of myself for going, for hanging in there & pushing through some of the tougher moments. I was also proud that my body could still manage many of the poses with some ease. I already feel like I'm walking taller from just 1 class, so I'm looking forward to improved flexiblity, toning & strength!


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