Saturday, April 24, 2010


This week I've been devling into my experimental art e-course & it's been a bit of a frustrating start. Not because of the class, but because of my own inner gremlins. While I've made art & even sold my art, I still don't fancy myself an artist. The voices that long-ago got implanted in my head still live in there, buried underneath some cobwebs of self-doubt & not-good-enoughness.

This week has allowed me to push the cobwebs away, bit by bit, and let me build some things back up...slowly, very slowly. I'm intimidated by some of the students' works even in this initial stage of the game, but it's not a contest...this class is for me. It's for me to get my creative mojo back. It's for me to push my creative boundaries. It's for me to develop a deeper creative path. And ultimately for me to produce more creative artwork.

Doodle, doodle...splat, splat.



  1. I believe you have to serve your gremlins an eviction notice. Neatly typed out on paper, delivered by mail. Yep, do that and then move on. What you did once, you can do again. What you did once, you can grow into something bigger, better and even more fulfilling. What you did once is only the beginning. So glad you re-begun.

  2. You ARE an artist. Get those Gremlins out...I love these two pieces - especially that sudden splash of tartan. Where did you buy your tartan paint? Tee Hee!

    Seriously though, I keep looking at it, there's something very mesmerising there. The colours work really well together too.

  3. Thanks girls...gremlins BE GONE!!!

    How cool would that be to have tartan paint?! It's the inner lining of an old envelope (I'd used the stamp from the other side for another piece).

  4. Gorgeous stuff! And I love, love, love the blog!

  5. Thanks a bunch Shanna! Hoping to have one for writing one of these days. So much to do, so little time.