Tuesday, April 20, 2010

seeing seductive sights

It's interesting how certain things speak to you differently at different times. Whether it be visual art or songs or car styles, colors, food types, men, weather. I mean anything really can strike you one way one day & another way another day depending on mood, experience, or whatever.

I'm finding that to be true of Teesha Moore's work lately, specifically her current journal pages. I've known about her for a couple+ years now, and while I always thought it was cool & clever and her style has definitely evolved over those years, it is currently speaking to me in a really LOUD and deep and personal way all of a sudden.

Like I want to crawl into each & every journal page & wander through the words & whirls & whims, climb over the images & perch myself between the patches of patterned paper.
(random sidenote: have I mentioned how much I freakin' LOVE alliteration?)

I'm not sure what it is--I think part of my recent creativity slump is me wanting to branch out from my standard assemblage a bit, but not entirely sure in what direction or how far I want to venture. But what I do know is that lately I have been mesmerized by Teesha Moore's work...I wish I could see them in real life (i.e. not just thru a computer screen). I'm so glad I decided to revisit her work after browsing by it too fast over the years.



  1. I agree, I love Teesha's work. I worked with her in a class in Fort Warden WA at an ARTfest a few years ago. Wow, she's pretty amazing yet very laid back! Taking Amelia's class and even so quick into it, I'm loving it. I see you get to Austin a bit (I've visited those pink port-a-potties!). Give me a shout if you come again, and we can meet for coffee. Love meeting other artists.

  2. Thanks Pat--small world full of pink port-o-potties!!! :)

  3. am glad to read that you're slowly getting out of your funk.one can be stuck there indefinitely but i find doing something spontaneous such as taking a belly dance class can help re-energization. it helped me!
    those collages look awesome, i could never make collages work.
    ps i love alliterations as well. they can be pretty clever sometimes!

  4. Found your blog today...and I love it! Your pages are amazing!

  5. Ohhh belly dancing--intriguing!

    Thanks Ophelia! How'd you find me?