Saturday, December 12, 2009


A.M. inspiration, inspired by record the day

So last weekend I got pretty down on myself about the chronic fatigue of my Chronic Fatigue...and how I feel that it's keeping me from doing the things I dream about doing or even the mundane daily things I need to be doing. With alittle help from my ol' pal PMS, I had a wee pity party about the fact that I'm 38, single & kid-free & this should be a time when I'm living life with gusto. Then I got on: what if this is IT...what if there's not a fix, what if I'm like this forever, what if I never again to return to an energetic, joyful, active woman???

But I quickly decided that all that wasn't going to get me anywhere either. Sooo I'm keeping my chin up and moving forward, cause really that's what I can control right now.


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  1. I frequently have pity parties as well. I read the best quote from Susan Sontag's journal "Reborn" a few days ago. "A thought occurred to me today - so obvious, ... There is nothing, nothing that stops me from doing anything except myself..." I really need to put this where I will see it frequently. Hope you feel like your old self soon.