Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Welcome 2010!

very cool photo found here

I was reading something recently that was pondering how collectively we'd pronounce the numerals for this next year. I personally envision people will call it twenty-ten...seems to be the going term already. I personally like oh-ten myself just because it's kinda silly, yet also makes sense given we've already been using the oh-number for 8 years now. Although I like how the old timers would always refer to the turn of the last century with "the year one/five/ten" although I don't see us going in that direction either.

Speaking of directions, I've been thinking about them lately...well mine in particular. I've been spending a bit of time reflecting on this past year, all that it was & all that it wasn't, and trying to project ahead to next year, to all I hope it is & all I hope it isn't. I know alot of people put alot of emphasis on the beginning of a new year, and it's hard not to holds such undenialble freshness, newness, & promise. I am no exception, although I don't like doing traditional "resolutions," but I have always been a fan of "goals." More & more I believe in the power of intention: of envisioning something, naming it, holding it in your heart, and then releasing it out for it to return back to you pure & strong & beyond anything you could have envisioned in your own little mind.

So this year is no expection...I have goals, I have wants, I have half-dreamed dreams that I'm ready to set free and await their return to me in the form that will best suit me. Some of my list of goals are big & far reaching, some are small yet enriching. I like the mix to keep me from feeling overwhelmed.

So here it is, my list of 2010's To-Dos
  1. replace job with more satisfying one (I've started down a new career path, but a new job will not happen this year).

  2. California friend visit (LA or SanFran) (not gonna happen :( this year)

  3. open an Etsy shop (not gonna happen this year)

  4. day photo road trip (took a day trip to Round Top 5/2010, plus I also did some photoing while in Bastrop with Mom for Mother's Day weekend)

  5. submit a short story for publication (did not happen this year, but definitely next year)

  6. start novel, in earnest (I'll be darned, thanks to NaNoWriMo, this actually happened--I got about 21,000 words towards my first novel attempt!!! Yay me!)

  7. join an online project/group (photo, art, writing) (this year I joined a few, whether they were e-courses or just for fun--so far Unravelling Winter, Experimental Art Ecourse, Sexy on the Page, Claudine Hellmuth's art ecourse, August Break, and WishStudio's Necklace project [I've yet, as of Oct 19th, to get the necklace to add my charm tho])

  8. attend a retreat/class (art, photo, writing, jewelry, craft) (taking Claudine Hellmuth's 12-week online mixed-media art e-course--this will have to suffice, as budget is not going to allow for in-person retreat this year!)

  9. attend UK boot sale, charity shop spree (not gonna happen this year)

  10. complete Bikram 60-day challenge (attempted a 30-day one in April, but it was too much too soon--wiped me out. hope to try it again later in year)

  11. submit piece to Art Wall online art store (did not happen, not sure I still want to happen)

  12. add to Fiestaware (hmm, do I want this to happen?)

  13. start compost bin (set one up May 2010!!!)

  14. see atleast 3 live shows (one down: Muse 3/18...but that's it...dern, thought 3 was totally doable)

  15. go to the beach w/ my girlz (spent a week in SPI for D's 40th Birthday--woot woot)

  16. take 1 photo every day (this is dead in the water--is it too late to restart on 3/19?)

  17. go dancing (I was about to say not gonna happen, but it actually happened in conjunction with #15 was lame & I didn't really get my dance on, but it happened)

  18. make xmas ornaments (still could happen as of Dec 1, likely won't)

  19. have sex somewhere new (well this ain't gonna happen...sigh!)

  20. move (this hasn't happened--I left it vague to mean either move house or move my body [i.e. exercise], but neither's really come to pass)

So there we go...20 things for oh-10! Can't wait to get started...hoping for a busy & bustling & energetic year!!!



  1. we are bikram fans too - i've never done a 30-day challenge let alone 60. i hope you make it (and all the rest of them too)

    happy new year!

    ps. let me know when you come to the uk - i have yet to do a car boot sale here, but would love to and am sure it would be more fun with some company :)

  2. I especially love #15 since I think I am one of the GIRLZ! Go Tucker - your list is very inspiring! I'd love to see 365 days of photos from you. That would be cool.

    Hugs, Darlene

  3. Ohh Leonie, you've got yourself a date there! Not sure when I'll make it in, but as you know it's on the list!

    Thanks to both of you for your new years's going to be a wonderful year, I can feel it!

  4. I'm with Darla...#15 is bueno! I've already planted the seed at home. You can do all these things and more. You're on your way and I can't wait to see more photos and artwork. 2010 is your year to shine :).